How to Install CAM Assist for Fusion (MacOS)

This guide takes you through the process of downloading and installing CloudNC's CAM Assist add-on for Fusion.

CAM Assist is a Fusion add-on. Fusion must be closed before starting the CAM Assist installation.

Step-by-step instructions

The following step-by-step instructions are illustrated in the video How to Install CAM Assist (MacOS), which opens in YouTube.

Downloading the installation

  1. Under the heading CAM Assist for Fusion (MacOS), click on the installation ‘file’ link to download the file.

Running the installation file

  1. Run the downloaded installation file.


The first page of the installation setup is the ‘Introduction’, which contains a link to CloudNC Support.

  1. Click Continue.


The next page holds the Software Licence Agreement (or Terms of Use Agreement).

  1. Fully read the Terms of Use Agreement.

  2. Click Continue.

For future reference, you can ‘Save’ or ‘Print’ the Terms of Use Agreement


  1. Click Agree to agree with the terms and continue the installation.

Click ‘Disagree’ if you do not agree or if you have questions you would like to get answered before continuing (please contact CloudNC Support).

Next is the ‘Installation Type’, which offers a ‘standard’ or ‘custom’ installation.

  1. Click Install for a standard installation to the home folder.

Alternatively, use ‘Change Install Location…' for a custom installation to a specified folder.



When the installation has completed, the ‘Summary’ page is displayed.

  1. Click Close.


Locating CAM Assist

  1. Within Fusion, go to the ‘Manufacture’ workspace

  2. The CAM Assist panel is shown in the righthand edge of the Manufacture ‘Milling’ ribbon.

    • Expand the CAM Assist panel to start using CAM Assist for Fusion (see Getting Started).

Help and Support

If any problems occur during the download or installation or if there are any questions relating to the installation procedure, refer to the CloudNC Product Support page.