Who is CloudNC?


CloudNC develops and applies advanced software to reinvent precision manufacturing for everyone. Our technology automates many of the manual steps involved in manufacturing components and parts, helping companies and workers to make products more efficiently and consistently than previously possible.

The company, founded in 2015, consists of a world-class team combining expertise in computer science, software and physical manufacturing, and is backed by leading venture capital firms Atomico and Episode 1 Ventures, alongside Autodesk and Lockheed Martin as strategic partners.

What is CloudNC CAM Assist?

CAM Assist is a Fusion (including Fusion Insider) add-on that will become your AI co-pilot.

Key benefits

  • Automate CAM in seconds.

  • Instantly produce professional machining/toolpath strategies.

  • Reduce programing time to machine by up to 80%.

  • Faster programing without templates or macros to produce quality parts.

  • Reduce workload from days and hours to minutes or seconds.

Focus on the jobs you love

Save time on repetitive and tedious tasks. CAM Assist can automate the optimal CAM strategy, which can then be perfected with the user's unique style, enabling the user to focus on solving more exciting challenges.

Program with confidence

For those new to Fusion, or CAM programming, CAM Assist will accelerate onboarding. Let it recommend the best strategy then simply review it to assist learning, all while producing parts.