CAM Assist Panel

CAM Assist is a Fusion Add-on that has its own panel at the righthand end of the ‘Manufacture’ ribbon, the ‘CAM Assist panel’:

Fusion - Manufacture Ribbon (featuring the CAM Assist panel)

CAM Assist panel options

Clicking the CAM Assist panel’s drop-down shows the following options:

  • CloudNC CAM Assist - opens CAM Assist.

  • Fixture Management - contains two options:

    • Soft Jaw Designer [beta] - a CloudNC Fusion add-on that intelligently designs customized fixtures for your part efficiently.

    • Generate Avoidance Geometry - A CloudNC Fusion add-on that generates avoidance geometry that blocks out portions of the stock that don't need to be machined for the specified ‘Setup’ of a part.

  • Cycle Time Estimator - estimates the time required to machine parts specified within a batch of files (see Cycle Time Estimator).

  • My Account - displays the ‘My Account’ form that contains a summary of license/subscription details.

  • Documentation - opens this User Guide.

  • Feedback and Support - opens the CloudNC Product Support page.

  • Open a Demo Part - contains demo parts that provide an excellent place from which to Get Started with CAM Assist.

  • Export Toolset: - see How to Export a Built-in Sample Toolset.

  • About - opens the ‘About panel’, which contains information, such as version number, terms and conditions, and useful links.

CAM Assist panel


You can open CAM Assist by clicking:

  • The Large ‘CAM Assist’ icon in Fusion’s Manufacture ribbon.

  • The ‘CloudNC CAM Assist’ option of the CAM Assist panel.